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Welcome to the Shoujo Anime Community.

As denoted by the name, this is a Shoujo Anime based community.

What is Shoujo you ask?
Simply put, it is Anime designed for girls. The "chick flick" of Anime, if you will.
Not a lot of blood and violence. Lot's of love-based story lines. In short, it's Nice Anime.

I would like to take a minute to lay down a few guidelines and ground rules.

This community is operated and moderated by hisholiness.
However, any questions or comments that you do not want to post in the public forum, you may e-mail directly to me at, LJShoujoAnime@aol.com.


-Stay on topic.
This is a specialized Anime Community. If you want to talk about Anime in general, I suggest you go to anime or, manga.
Anything you post must deal with Shoujo Anime.
If you are not sure what constitutes (in my eyes) as Shoujo, either e-mail me, or read the interests. If an Anime is not listed, that you feel should be listed, feel free to e-mail me and ask me to add it. I will research it, and if it meets my standards, it will be added as an "allowed" Anime.

-Tell your friends about us!
Communities get better in direct proportion to the number of users. The more the merrier, as it were.

Not everyone has the time, or resources to buy the latest Anime. Not everyone has seen Disc 3 of Maison Ikkoku.
If you absolutely MUST post a spoiler, please use an LJ Cut. List in the cut-title that it contains spoilers. Let's not ruin a series for someone who hasn't seen it, huh?

-No large pic posts
I encourage people to post pics.
However, I do ask that they be:

A) On topic. Cosplay pics at a con are great! But, please, try to post Shoujo Characters only. If you see a REALLY great cosplayer who is of, say, Vash The Stampede, and must show us all, please do. But let's not go overboard, ok?

B) Behind a cut. A lot of people don't have the time, or patience to wait for a large group of pics to load. So, be nice to them, please. Put your pics behind a cut.

C) Only be 600 pixels in size. Large pics slow things down. If you do not know how to re-size the pic, e-mail it me and I will size it down, and send it back to you. If you want to post a pic that loses too much quality with downsizing, e-mail it to me and I shall look and see if it's cool.

D) Be clean. Say, about PG-13 in content. Let's not offend anyone.

Pics are great to share, so please do!

Hentai (Anime Pornography) will NOT be tolerated here. This includes Yaoi. Anyone attempting to post hentai will be summarily BANNED from the community.

-No advertising, please
This is a talk-forum. Not a free advertising space. You can post a link to a source of aquiring Anime, but please do so only if asked, or if it has such great prices that we would suffer without it. Links to info on cons, events and Shoujo Anime related news (i.e. new releases) are acceptable and encouraged.

-No Quizzes, Jokes, or Tech Questions, please
We are talking about Anime. Not looking at what Anime Character you are. It's a safe bet that a neat quiz will circulate to everyone interested in it, eventually.
For Technical Help, with LJ, go to the FAQ.

-Use common sense, please
Introductory posts are fine, but please be meaningful with it. If you want to list your Anime interests, please put them behind an LJ Cut.
Name-calling, mud-slinging, lambasting, or insulting of other members is not permitted. If you have a beef with something another user said, take it up with them, IN YOUR OWN JOURNALS.
Debate is fine... but be civilized about, huh?

-And lastly, communicate
Both the words "Community" and "Communicate" derive from the Latin word "Communis", meaning "Common".
We have things in common here. Let's discuss them.

After all, that's what we are here for...right?

Ja Ne!